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Detergenty - mosószerek

Detergent’ means any substance or preparation containing soaps and/or other surfactants intended for washing and cleaning processes. Detergents may be in any form (liquid, powder, paste, bar, cake, moulded piece, shape, etc.) and marketed for or used in household, or institutional or industrial purposes.

The Detergents Regulation, EC Regulations No. 648/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004 on Detergents as amended by Commission Regulation, (EC) no. 907/2006 of 20 June 2006, is directly applicable throughout the European Union on its own.  
This Regulation establishes rules designed to achieve the free movement of detergents and surfactants for detergents in the internal market while, at the same time, ensuring a high degree of protection of the environment and human health.

This Regulation harmonises the rules for the placing on the market of detergents and of surfactants for detergents:

  • The biodegradability of surfactants in detergents;
  • Restrictions or bans on surfactants on grounds of biodegradability;
  • The additional labelling of detergents, including fragrance allergens;
  • The information that manufacturers must hold at the disposal of the Member States competent authorities and medical personnel.


In cooperation with the accredited laboratories, we offer our laboratory services for testing of biodegradation for surfactants.
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